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T-BOA fulfillment services are supported in our Central Missouri based facilities.   We believe “Rural Service Centers” are the answer to merchants.    Why?   Merchants can help the great people of “Rural America” fill their orders while employing loyal, honest, hard working people.    We encourage you to learn more about our host of services and warehousing solutions.     T-BOA strives to promote merchant brands.  Let’s grow together as partners.

Our fulfillment solution is integrated with some of these trusted brands.

T-BOA brand launch initiated in 2017 with the goal of improving the third party logistics fulfillment process. Our group has been in the warehousing business for years but never supported 3PL eCommerce.   However, the rise of eCommerce has created a demand for better service centers that meet the requirements of small business.

It’s our goal to provide high quality warehousing with quick turn around. But that’s not all, T-BOA engages technology and integrates with most online eCommerce systems.  Thus, we make doing business with us easy!  We allow tracking of your products seamless from your web browser.   That’s not all we offer visibility from initial staging to customer door step.  Let the strength of T-BOA support your third party logistic fulfillment requirements.

Our facilities our purposely located in rural communities.    Thus, we see numerous advantages by locating in rural service markets.

  • Federal Rural USDA Aid
  • Potential Federal Aid for our Customers
  • Lower Overhead Cost (Labor & Facilities)
  • Qualified Labor Force with Strong Work Ethic

The name T-BOA comes from the prehistoric Titano Boa snake.    Strength and power are demonstrated with this name.    The brand will expand on this approach of strength and power.    Let this brand reach out and grab you.  We want our logo to be fun and entertaining. T-BOA is a Locust8 signature brand with our headquarters in Dallas Texas.